Dec 15, 2013

New edition of the Mathews Range Plant Guide

Hello all!

This is just to let you know that a new edition of the small field guide to the Trees and Shrubs of the Mathews Range is out! It is an entirely revised small book, featuring more than 50 among the
woody plant species found in one of the most beautiful and well-preserved forests in East Africa. The guide is illustrated by more than 120 full color high-quality photos and summarizes the most useful characters for telling the species in the field, as well as the interactions between plants, animals and the human communities in the region.

The guide has been produced in collaboration with the Cheli and Peacock Community Trust, and will be distributed free of charge to school students, villagers and tourists visiting the area - because awareness and knowledge are essential steps for loving and protecting our environment!

One of the colour plates - click to enlarge!
The front cover page

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