Dec 16, 2013

Here are the Small Projects for Africa 2014! Hooooray! (scroll up for the Italian version)

Hello all!

here is the moment everyone was waiting for! Yes, the 2014 small Conservation Projects are here!
We will continue and expand the projects that we begun in previous years. We will focus on schools, teaching, the development of local communities, endangered animals and small eco-business activities that contribute to creating jobs and conserving the environment.

Some of the 2013 students from Ngilai Village: Lmintilas, Damaris, Melian and Jane

1) Scholarships for primary and secondary school students of the Samburu District, Kenya. The Samburu District is one of the poorest regions of Kenya. For many female and male students, school expenses, are just beyond reach: too many drop off school or never attend it because their families can’t afford school expenses. As in previous years, I propose to sponsor 7-10 students with small scholarships, of about €150 each: this sum is enough to pay school fees for one year. The students will be chosen by village elders and female students will make 50% of the prize winners.
Lawrence in the Taita hills with a class
2) Teaching conservation: at Ol Bolossat and in the Taita Hills. The Taita hills and Ol Bolossat are two key sites for conservation of Kenya's biodiversity, and both are severely threatened by habitat destruction and the rapid expansion of human activities. Teaching about the environment in primary and secondary schools is a key action to create environmental awareness and raise interest on biodiversity among the young generations. Two friends of ours, George Ndungu and Lawrence Wagura, with our help, will visit schools in Ol Bolossat (George) and in the Taita (Lawrence). George and Lawrence will visit the classrooms, perform field activities, distribute books, posters and brochures, lead birdwatching walks for hundreds of students of all ages. We will read about their experiences over the next year. Good luck!

A draft plan of the workshop, by J. Knausenberger
3) A land for Njabini (year 2)! Njabini woolspinning workshop is an eco-friendly business that creates jobs and contributes to the preservation of the highly threatened highland grasslands of Kenya. After years of work with this small grassroots group, the positive impact in terms of jobs created and of habitat conservation is undeniable, but the group's activities cannot grow any more in the small space where they have been working so far. Now, the group needs a larger and more modern space. In 2013, with a generous donation from Mr David Fox, we bought a plot of land in the Kinangop plateau. The next step is now to raise money to build a new workshop on the newly purchased land - that will be a challenge, due to the high costs involved. We'll keep you posted.

Terry built a pipe to bring water to Chopotwo school
4) The Mbara Community Project. Temow, Chopotwo and Kapsor Schools, near Mbara village, in Western Kenya, are three small primary schools where nothing is available. No classrooms, no desks, no playground for the pupils, no clean water to drink ... With my friend Terry John Hummerston, we want to help these schools to become a place where young girls and boys can get a real education for their future

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