Jun 2, 2014

Evironmental awareness at Ol Bolossat : news from the field

George Ndungu, one of the recipients of our support in 2014 is now working at full speed on his environmental awareness project. Lake Ol Bolossat is one of the key areas for the conservation of biodiversity in Kenya, and is especially rich in birdlife. Unfortunately, this wetland and the rich grasslands that surround it are being rapidly converted into agriculture and settlements. In many cases ploughed fields now abut directly on the lake, leaving no space for natural habitats and exposing the shores to increased risk of flooding during the rain season.
A newly opened field right at the edge of the lake's water
George Ndungu, a member of the local community and self-taught ornithologist, has been very active in the area for many years. With our support (together with the German NGO NABU, and with help from several private donors from Italy and the UK) George visits the local farmers and schools in Ol Bolossat area campainging for the preservation of the lake and its surroundings.
Teaching to primary school students

George has already been supported by us in 2013, and the good results we achieved prompted a prosecution and upscaling of his project in 2014. From April till the end of this year, George will be very busy!

According to his proposal, his activities this year are focusing on:

A bird booklet written by George
1. Visiting target groups on the ground
2. Holding lectures and demonstrations in the primary schools, donating copies of “Ndege na Watu” book and other environment education materials available to each of the ten-targeted schools.
3. Giving out copies of “Nyoni na andu” book (Birds and people) and birds role posters free especially to adults.
4. Distributing bilingual posters at target points e.g. markets, schools and churches as well as in public places
 5. Planting 1,000 indigenous trees in all of the ten-targeted schools.
6. Doing bird watching with participants using a pair of binoculars as a way of captivating their interes

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