Nov 7, 2013

Teaching conservation at Lake Ol Bolossat - Report of the activites

George Muigai just sent me these photos of his work at Lake Ol Bolossat, where he is very active in teaching environmental conservation to the local communities and in the schools. George is receiving support from us for his work in 2013.

In Georges's words:
"Lake Ol’ Bolossat is the only natural lake in Kenya’s Central Province ... the wetland offers a variety of habitat and hosts a wealth of bird species, some of them in very large numbers, others only known to occur in a restricted area of the world ... this wetland is facing threat due to human activities in and around it. One step to achieve a mind of conservation amongst the communities living around is empowering them with information about this lake..."
Starting from  January 2013, I engaged myself in an awareness campaign on the biodiversity value of Lake Ol’ Bolossat ... I visited target school pupils and local farmers on the ground as they move on with their daily livelihood schedule... I gave out copies of a booklet I wrote in Kikuyu language highlighting the importance of birds in people’s life to adults, and a translation of the same book in Kiswahili language to schools..."

Congrats George! Keep doing the good work! 

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