Nov 30, 2012

Congrats to Naomi, Danson, Simon and Thomas!

Four of of our secondary school students, Naomi, Danson, Thomas and Simon, have just taken the KCSE exam, which marks the completion of their secondary studies. While we await the final exam results, we already know that they have fared very well, and that their final grades will be satisfactory.

Naomi, Danson, Simon, Thomas - we wish you all the best, and we are proud of having had the opportunity to support your school studies!

And of course, in 2013, a new batch of students will be selected among the most promising and most deserving young girls and boys of the Wamba Samburu district of Northern Kenya.

Stay tuned! I will post the names and photos of the new students as soon as possibl, and of course donations are welcome at any time to support as many students as possible!

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