Aug 17, 2012

The Small Field Guides to the East African Wildlife

One of the main problems for the conservation of African wildlife is that many Africans do not have access to books that could help them to identify the species of plants and animals that are found near their villages. This means that many villagers and school students know very little or nothing about the environment. And of course, nobody is interested to conserve something that he or she does not know.
Working in Kenya, I often noticed that local people have a keen desire to learn more about wildlife. For this reason, I began to write a series of "Small Field Guides" that contain information and photos of the commonest animals and plants. Each field guide is focused on a specific area where I have worked, and whose wildlife I know well.
Each Small Field Guide can be printed cheaply or photocopied, and then distributed to the schools or to people who have an interest in wildlife. They can also be of interest to tourists.

Please contact me to obtain copies.

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