Dec 14, 2011

A summary of the activities of 2011

Hello all. This is a quick summary of what we did in 2011:
  1. Scholarships for Samburu students. We funded eight students of the primary and secondary schools of the Samburu District, one of the poorest districts of Kenya
  2. Scholarships in collaboration with the National Museums of Kenya. Partial or complete funding of 4 one-year fellowships to University students attached to the Museums of Kenya, where they carry out conservation activities on Kenya's biodiversity
  3. The Temow School at Mbara (Photo by TJ Hummerston)
  4. Njabini wool spinning workshop. Margaret Mbatia, one of the group members, was sponsored to a one-month accounting and bookkeeping course that will help her in the management of the workshop that is steadily growing and now employs 7 persons full-time and 8 part-time
  5. Mbara School. 30 desks purchased for the young students who now are no more sitting on the ground
  6. Mugumu-ini School. A new latrine block is being completed at the school. With 500 young pupils, the school could really no more afford them to pass water under the only tree in a radius of 500m from the building
Many thanks again to everybody, in particular to the very generous donations of David Fox and his family, of Antonio and Giulia Thellung, Andrea Borghesio, to CEPA (Conservation des Especes et Populations Animales) and to Muindi ONLUS

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